The business world is becoming smaller as companies expand globally. U.S. businesses are expanding overseas in an effort to broaden their markets. Foreign companies are entering the U.S. markets to gain access to this very dynamic economy.

As this trend continues, businesses, both large and small, will see an increasing need to understand and use International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). IFRS are a common set of accounting standards that enable business operations and reporting to be understandable and comparable across international boundaries.

IFRS is rapidly replacing the divergent national accounting standards that are specific to a particular country. This shift is here to stay and is beneficial to international businesses, their owners and advisors.

Here at Hagen, Kurth, Perman & Co., our professionals understand the challenges and opportunities that the globalization of business creates. Our international clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise of IFRS and the issues that globally active companies face.

We welcome the opportunity to share our experience and expertise with your company and to help meet your international business and reporting needs.

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