Despite Seattle’s ever changing landscape over the past century, one resource-based industry still flourishes: fishing.

For generations Seattle’s economy and its residences have relied upon this industry for survival and to provide for the community and families. Now the challenge will be the sustaining of these resources for decades to come.

We have been navigating this ever evolving industry over the past 40 years. We have been there to guide, protect, and capitalize on opportunities for our clients as the industry evolves.

One of the major tax savings programs for upgrading and improving the fleet is the Capital Construction Fund (CCF) program administered by NOAA. We help our clients set up CCF accounts, request approval for withdrawals, complete annual reports and plan for the best way to use the program.

Our desire is to establish a long lasting relationship, one with honesty and integrity, With your best interest in mind, so that we can be considered your trusted advisor.


Our services within the industry include:

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