At Hagen, Kurth, Perman and Co, P.S., we serve the needs of highly successful individuals and their families. We help you balance your personal goals, your closely held business plans and your family needs. Having financial resources sometimes makes your decisions more complicated. We help you navigate this increasingly complex area and are very effective in working as a team member with your existing financial and legal advisors in addressing:

  • Estate planning to minimize Federal and state death taxes by helping you devise an effective transition plan.
  • If you have a business to liquidate, what should be done before you liquidate.
  • After liquidating your business or inheriting wealth, what steps should you take.
  • Succession planning including family gifting, philanthropic strategies and wealth transfer techniques.
  • Options vs restricted stock – compensation planning.
  • Retirement and employee benefit planning to maximize what you have earned.
  • Tax strategies for the purchase and sale of business or real estate holdings.
  • Advice on structuring a merger or acquisition when expanding your current business.
  • Tax issues when owning foreign assets or assets located outside your state of residence.

We welcome your questions and would enjoy discussing your goals with you so that we can earn the right to become your trusted advisor.

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