• Brand – HKP is a well-respected, independent and entrepreneurial accounting firm. We are known for adding value to our client relationships through the thoughtful use of our internal expertise and strategic partnerships. Our creative approaches to helping our clients is characterized by quality, reliable and timely service. Our goal is to influence and guide our clients to make sound business decisions in support of their objectives, regardless of company size or personal wealth.
  • Clients – The clients we seek to serve are entrepreneurial individuals, families and privately held organizations, who recognize the value we provide, irrespective of industry or business.
  • Community – HKP believes owners, managers and staff should be civically involved and given the opportunity to contribute to their communities in a variety of ways (e.g. HKP sponsored events, board memberships, etc.).
  • Culture – HKP proactively works to create a culture of inclusion and openness, where ideas are welcome and shared without judgement; where communication and feedback is fair, respectful and honest; where people are passionate, feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to the success of the firm. Our supportive work environment is collaborative and respectful; we value our talented team members and strive to be flexible whenever possible to help staff integrate their work life and home life.
  • Financial Strength – HKP will be financially strong and seek ways to maximize our investment in our resources which include our people, time, technology, clients and referral relationships. We will be fiscally responsible and allocate resources in a manner that provides the most benefit to the firm to ensure financial viability.
  • Staff – HKP believes that people are the firm’s most important resource. It is important that our team represent a diversity of cultures, ideas and talents. HKP fosters an environment where people feel supported and mentored to achieve their personal goals, and that encourages professional growth and development to allow staff members to attain career progression within the firm. Our people are known for their integrity and personal accountability. Where people feel a sense of belonging and involvement.
  • Technology – HKP explores and invests in technology solutions that support the firm in providing quality services in ways that are meaningful to our clients, ensure compliance with appropriate state and federal laws, and support manageable workloads for owners, managers and staff.

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