Protecting Our Loved Ones Checklist

We hope you find the checklist helpful as you plan and care for your loved ones.

Protecting Our Loved Ones Checklist


  • Date of Birth
  • Current address
  • Medical Insurance information (provider, policy number, plan type)
  • Medical (“Advance”) Directive
  • Current will or trust documents
  • Power of Attorney
  • Location of all financial information

Contact List (Names and Phone Numbers):

  • Doctor(s)
  • Medical Specialist(s)
  • Estate Attorney
  • Personal Representative
  • Trustee(s)
  • Financial Advisor
  • Tax Advisor
  • Insurance Broker
  • Local Adult Protective Services

Action Items:

  • Define goals and type of care desired at different life stages
  • Review and update Power of Attorney, with gifting powers
  • Review and update wills and trusts
  • Identify location of all financial data
  • Review asset allocation
  • Develop retirement and long-term care plans
  • Review and update insurance policies

If you suspect abuse:

  • Report it to your local Adult Protective Services
  • Contact your local state attorney’s office
  • File a police report
  • File Form 14039 with IRS
  • Explore options at your local probate court
  • Contact appropriate advocacy organization for additional guidance

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